Welcome to Reasonably Clever’s yearly review of the LEGO CITY Advent Calendar! Each day I’ll be revealing what lurks behind the calendar’s door. Buy your own set and follow along at home! Or just mooch off my purchase. I don’t mind.

2824 - LEGO 2010 CITY Advent - Box

To keep the suspense as long as possible, I’ll be hiding the reveal behind a “read the rest of the article” cut-tag each day. Unless you’re reading this on our RSS feed. In which case, well, you’re pretty much going to have to pretend to be surprised later.

So. Without further ado, here’s Day One!

Day One: Snowman

2824 - LEGO 2010 CITY Advent - Day 1

This year’s countdown starts with a nice Winter themed mini-set…a snowman. Nothing too unusual here…2009’s calendar had a snowman for day two.
7687 - 2009 City Advent - Day 2 – 2009’s Day 2. Click to Embiggen

I can’t say I’m overly fond of this year’s design…the use of the square brick for the head and the robot arms makes this fellow look more like a transformer than a snow-day diversion. And there’s something about that carrot-nose…that particular LEGO part is normally used for a spike or claw…to me, that part selection  makes this fellow look even more sinister.

Maybe that’ll be this year’s CITY “mystery thematic tie-in”:  Hidden Evil.

We’ll have to be very watchful over the next 23 days.