It’s time to open the first door on the LEGO Kingdoms Advent calendar. Are you ready?
Well….ARE YOU?

Day One: Blacksmith

7952 - 2010 Kingdoms Advent Calendar - Day 1 - Blacksmith

While LEGO has usually tried (with varying levels of success) to associate their CITY Advent Calendar with a holiday theme, their “alternate theme” calendar traditionally focuses more on that alternate theme. While the 2007 Beleville calendar had some hints of holiday trappings, the 2008 Castle Advent was just a collection of Castle-Themed mini-sets. The 2009 Pirate Advent was even more theme-focused…it was a challenge to find any links at all to an over-arching Holiday theme.

With that history in mind, I’m starting out the 2010 Kingdoms Advent review without any hopes of holiday trimmings. Instead, I’ll be looking for how well LEGO manages to explore the Kingdoms theme within the 24 minisets.

Starting things off is this Blacksmith minifigure. He’s basically a younger version of the blacksmith from 2009’s 10193 Medieval Market Village. For those who didn’t want to spend the $100+ for that set, the Kingdoms advent is a (somewhat) cheaper way to obtain this otherwise unique minifig torso. The cowl is only slightly less rare in this shade of dark brown – but again you’d have to go to the Medieval Market Village and it’s Old Peasant figure to score it.

Overall, not a bad start to the calendar! Now let’s see what our little blacksmith can build for us…