Ready to open the door to Day Two in Advent City?

Day Two: Boy with Swords

2824 - LEGO 2010 CITY Advent - Day 2
Yesterday I suspected the hidden over-theme of this year’s CITY Advent might be “Hidden Evil.”

Today, I suspect I was wrong to use the word “Hidden”. There seems to be malevolence right on the surface of day two.

Getting a child mini-figure early on is pretty standard for LEGO CITY Advents – and this year’s youngster has some nice features. His hoodie is a hard to find piece (it’s only appeared in one other set, 3177 – Small Car), his face has only shown up in promotional minifigures (I got one at LEGO Kid’s Fest back in October), and even the short-legs are uncommon in blue.

He also comes with three swords.

Why three? I have no idea. One for each hand and a spare? In case he can’t find two he’s still ready to rumble?

It’s a mystery. Not a particularly Christmas-y Mystery, mind you. But still a Mystery.

In previous years the Advent Calendars had a three-day mini-theme organization. If that’s going to hold true for 2010 tomorrow’s set is going to have to somehow tie an evil snowman and a sword-weilding tot into a common theme.  The only thing I can think of is an offhand tribute to Calvin and Hobbes…but I doubt tomorrow’s set will be a stuffed tiger.