What’s behind door number 3? Only one way to find out!

Day Three: Skateboard, Ramp, and Helmet

2824 - LEGO 2010 CITY Advent - Day 3

Hrm. Back to “Hidden Evil” today. Lurking evil in the form of broken bones from our sword-weilding child flying off the ramp and crashing his skateboard into a wall without even a hint of safety equipm….oh, wait. You get a crash helmet with today’s mini-set.


For a three-day theme there’s not much to go on here. Maybe the Day 1 Snowman was a red herring – and tomorrow’s mini-set with complete the “L’il Psychopath” sub theme.

Sure, days two and three can be used together, but “Skating equipment” is a fairly generic set that could have matched up with almost any mini-figure.  I’m starting to hope that LEGO has decided to make the CITY Advent a little more unpredictable this year.

But LEGO has broken my heart before.