Time to open the third door of the Kingdom’s Advent.

Day Three: Weapon Rack and Weapons

7952 - 2010 Kingdoms Advent Calendar - Day 3 - Weapons Rack

This is a tough call – did LEGO continue with the Blacksmith Sub-Theme or not? On one hand, we have more things that a Blacksmith might make. On the other, this could be the start of a new Knight sub-theme. On the gripping hand, maybe there is no “sub theme” linking going on at all.

Right now I’m leaning towards calling this “Blacksmith Day 3” since LEGO usually gives us a mini-figure when they kick off a new Advent Sub-theme. If we see a figure tomorrow then it’ll be pretty clear we’re treading in familiar waters.  If we see more accessories…well, who knows.

As far as today’s micro-set itself – it’s another slow day in Advent Town.   A mere 10 pieces – none of them particularly rare.  (I suppose the Lion shield could count as “uncommon”. Maybe.)

Let’s hope things pick up tomorrow.