Behind CITY 4 we find….

Day Four: Toy Crane

2824 - LEGO 2010 CITY Advent - Day 4

It’s day four.  That usually means a mini-figure and the start of a new three-day-theme.  But today we’ve got a delightful twist:  A microscale toy crane!

There’s a fair amount of detail packed into this 14 15 piece model and the construction is fairly clever.  There are even a couple of extra bits to add to your collection. (Or to replace the parts that accidentally roll off the table and get lost on the floor the first time around.)

What does this mean for the 2010 CITY Advent in general? Well, I think it’s clear LEGO has moved past the “Cops, Robbers, and Public Servants” angle that they’ve clung to in previous years. This year we’re getting what I’ve been asking for all along: winter, toy, and holiday themed daily adventures. It’s a really nice change.

Can they keep it up, though? Or are we going to see the return of the blahs before the end of the month?