Day Five of the Kingdoms Advent. You know you’re curious.

Day Five: Cart with Spears

Yesterday we learned the shocking truth that this year’s “Day One” Blacksmith is being hunted by the older, wiser, and presumably more evil Blacksmith from the Medieval Market Village. Maybe he’s mad that the new guy stole his shirt. Maybe there’s some darker secret yet to be unveiled.

Moving into day two of the Evil Blacksmith sub-theme, we find this odd little mini-set…

7952 - 2010 Kingdoms Advent Calendar - Day 5 - Spear Cart

…A cart with spears attached to it. Not quite a siege weapon. Not quite something you’d want to use to transport your groceries home in.  It looks like Evil!Blacksmith just attached some of his excess weaponry to his delivery cart. Well, whatever works, I suppose.

It’s interesting to note, though, that the colors aren’t matching up with the dark green theme of the Dragon Knights. The red clip plates make me think this cart-o-doom is part of the Lion Knight team.  Which would make E!B a Lion Knight as well.

Maybe both Blacksmiths are on the same side after all. Maybe the older Blacksmith has been called to battle, leaving his younger son to mind the shop. Maybe there’s no blood feud at all, and it’s just a big misunderstanding!