What Kingdom’s themed item will we get today? It’s a shocker.

Day Twelve: Pig and Apple

7952 - 2010 Kingdoms Advent Calendar - Day 12 - Pig and apple
Hmm. Well, I suppose pigs were indeed part of most medieval Kingdoms…but they really don’t say “Dungeons and Dragons” to me.

Today’s two-item door could just as well been part of a “Farm” subtheme in the CITY advent…there’s really no reason it should be here in the Kingdoms side of things. What are we supposed to say? This is Sir Pork of Chopp? Baron Bacon?

(Actually, Baron Bacon could make for an interesting character.)

Still…it’s a pig. And an Apple. Both moderately rare pieces.

At least today was better than “Floppy The Skeleton” back on the 10th.