Can we possibly top yesterday’s items? Boy, I sure hope so.

Day Thirteen: The Prince

7952 - 2010 Kingdoms Advent Calendar - Day 13 - Prince

Okay, this is more like it.

Like Day 7’s Queen, today’s minifigure Royalty is made up of hard-to-find pieces.

The only common part of him is his hair and swords. But you get three swords (or at least I did) I even there there’s not much to complain about.

The Prince’s face has only appeared on one other figure – a policeman on the 7287 Police boat.

His torso and legs are the same as the Lion King’s from 7946 – King’s Castle. Hand-me-Downs from father to son, perhaps.

7952 - 2010 Kingdoms Advent Calendar - Day 13 - Prince - Back

Considering the Kingdoms advent is the only way currently to add the Prince to the Royal Family…I’d say this is a very nice addition to the Advent Calendar.

It’s a nice start to the second half of things, anyway.