On fourteenth day of Chrismas, LEGO gave to me…

Day Fourteen: Woman with Bread

2824 - LEGO 2010 CITY Advent - Day 14
A female mini-figure! I’m always jolly when a LEGO Advent offers up someone other than another axe-wielding Fireman or safe-cracking criminal.

Both the torso and face are new for 2010 – but they’ve both been in fairly heavy rotation appearing in six minifgures each. (Including this one.)

The loaf of bread accessory is pretty rare – I had a couple in my collection already thanks to the Winter Bakeshop, but it’s such a fun prop I’m not complaining for some extras.
2824 - LEGO 2010 CITY Advent - Day 14 - bald

I’m not sure why my set came with two wigs for her, though.  LEGO continues to make some odd choices for bonus parts this year.

Anyway, today’s set is a good addition to a generic CITY theme.