Another day, another lame riddle from the internet.

Why was King Arthur’s army too tired to fight?

It had lots of sleepless knights!

Day Sixteen: Barmaid

7952 - 2010 Kingdoms Advent Calendar - Day 16 - Barmaid
Today we have another escapee from the Medieval Market Village. While her face is new for the Kingdoms Advent, the rest of the figure is a direct transplant from set 10193. Actually, she has the same face as the “Woman with Bread” from Day 13 of this year’s CITY Advent.

Even stranger, though – if you give her an eyepatch she becomes the Queen from set 852791 – The Pirate Chess Set!

Regardless of her origins, though – her dress is a very hard to find piece.  Getting one here in the Advent was a pleasant surprise.