Yesterday we got a shower. LEGO wouldn’t be crazy enough to continue that as a theme would they?

…would they?

Day Eighteen: Showering Santa

2824 - LEGO 2010 CITY Advent - Day 18
Really, LEGO?  Really?

Today we have Santa, ready for a shower. Apparently caught moments before removing his black speedo underpants and hat(?!), but not before he picked up his scrub brushes.

2824 - LEGO 2010 CITY Advent - Day 18 - Unmasked

I admit I’m guilty of asking LEGO to surprise me.  But I had no idea they’d go to this length to make the CITY Advent different from previous years.

2824 - LEGO 2010 CITY Advent - Part Display
Interestingly, some of the parts in today’s set aren’t listed on the part inventory grid on the top of the box. There’s no beard…and certainly no “naked” torso.

Make of that what  you will….