Calendar Ends in 3…2…

Day Twenty Three – Alchemy Workbench

7952 - 2010 Kingdoms Advent Calendar - Day 23 - Alchemy Workbench

My Advent-Senses are tingling. I think we’re in the midst of an “Inverted Sub-Theme” here.

Yesterday’s Owl, today’s mystical workbench….I think they’re accessories to go with a special mini-figure lurking behind door 24.

As mini-sets go, this is another “near hit”. There are some nice detail bits, but the set as a whole is kind of lacking. I’ve called this an “Alchemy Workbench” – but it could as easily be just a chef’s table. I guess it boils down to guessing what that gold-toned 1×1 is supposed to represent.  Why is it being heated?

Here’s a better question: Is the wooden table itself on fire?

Oh well. Just one day to go. Let’s hope things end with a bang!