Jen's Balloon Ride, Part five

Photo by Jen

Not a cloud in the sky. Fog is beginning to burn off now that the sun is up, and it's drifting up from every little body of water below us. I was hoping we'd see deer, but we didn't get that lucky. We cross over Highway 23, and two semi trucks honk at us, and we all wave.

Over 7 Lakes Park the fog is tracing strange patterns on the surfaces of the lakes, there are lily pads, and strange formations under the surface. You see things from overhead that you'd never catch on the ground. Eric brings us up to about 3000 feet, and the town below us gets so *small*. Little lakes with early-morning fishermen, their wakes like arrows pointing at the boat.

I'm looking down and out with my camera in front of me, the strap wrapped tightly around my wrist. I'm in the far corner of our compartment, with the couple behind me. As we fly, the balloon turns and we go from being in the 'back' to being in the 'front', and I get better pictures of the other balloons.

Eric brings us up and down, and we brush the treetops a couple of times. I'm realizing that my eyes are getting dry because I'm not blinking.

[Chris: A couple of shots while chasing Jen's balloon. Luckily I only had to tag along behind the real chase crew.]

Eric calls the chase vehicle on the radio - the wind is picking up, and we need to find a place to land.

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