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Class of Bootleg Class 1 - Exact Duplicate
Class Notes: Slightly modified packaging, figure storage changes (see below)
Bootleg Source: Galoob "Girl Power" Line of Spice Girls Dolls.
Bootleg Rating: StarStarStarStar (Four out of five stars)
Vintage:Winter 1997

Must have been a windy day At left we have a Ginger Spice doll. The figure was orignally developed by our friends at Galoob, but something odd has happened.

No, I didn't leave her in a wind tunnel.

No, I didn't leave her in the sun to get that great tan.

What happened was that she was bootlegged! (And I don't mean her music!)

This figure is an example of the Class One bootleg "Girl Power." It very closely follows the packaging and content of Galoob's offering.

The doll itself is a fairly exact copy. It lacks the tatoo detailing of the Galoob version, but the parts are all the same. The head is cast in a much deeper brown version of "flesh" giving Ginger a nice tan. And the hair is just ratty. I tried to comb it out for the photo shoot....nothing doing.

Figure with Real and Fake packaging
In the photo above, you can see the real Ginger doll in the package at left. In the center is the Ginger-Boot. At right is the package she came in.

If you saw these at a store, odds are you'd think they were just packaging variations.....

Now _that's_ low cut! Zooming in on the doll, I want to point out an important bit of info. The dress is really really really low-cut.

In case you hadn't noticed.

Seriously, the constuction of the doll's outfit leaves a lot to be desired. The material is cappy, the sewing is crappy, and the pattern is crappy. True, the bodice can be pulled up to cover Ginger's bazooms, but only at the expense of showing off her other goodies. Sort of a win-win situation.

The fun part is that the doll came packaged with Ginger's breasts very much exposed. I guess it was just an attempt to catch the buyer's eye.

Cool Accessories
Next up, let's take a look at the accessories Bootleg-Ginger comes with. Both the microphone and camera came with the Galoob version. The colors are different now, of course. The microphone has gone from matte black to a vac-metal chrome, and the camera is now covered with glittery stickers.

Ginger's boots are pretty accurate, in terms of reproduction value. The little "Spice Girls" book in the Galoob version is missing in the Bootleg.

Another 'Tatoo' I mentioned Ginger-Boot's lack of tatoos earlier. Well, that's not entirely true...on her upper left thigh is a tell-tale birthmark....

Made In China

This is a fairly common sticker, but one that does NOT appear on the Galoob original.

Next, let's take a look at how the figure arrives at market. The Galoob version is twist-tied to the backer, and the accessories are blister-packed to the cardboard.

The bootleg, however....

She's dead....wrapped in plastic!
....comes in this attactive, clear body-bag.

The accessories came packaged in the same bag as Ginger. The bag is just slipped into the generic box, even though the backer-insert still has the punch-outs for the twist ties!

Finally, let's scope out the packaging itself:

Box details - front Box details - back
The photo at left shows the front of the packaging. As you can see, the bootleggers have taken the standard "out" and combined all of the Spice Girl's individual packaging into one common box.

The head-shot of the Spice Girl has been replaced with a stock-photo of the group as a whole. This has altered the die-cut on the front of the package. The copyright and safety info on the front corner is the same however, and the bootleg still sites Galoob's contact info!

The back of the box (at right) shows more along this common theme. The Spice Girl's bio has been replaced by another group photo, and info about the group as a whole.

The box itself is a bit taller than the galoob version, but thinner along the sides. The window insert is of much cheaper plastic, and wrinkles easily.

As one would assume, all five of the Spice Girls have been found in this bootleg line. I'm sure Galoob is just thrilled.

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