Ok, you've made it to this site, and you want to have a vague idea as to how and why it came bout. Fair enough.

I've always been a sucker for "reality TV". I was with MTV for it's first season of Real World and Road Rules, and have been hooked ever since. I also collect toys. Yes, I know, I probably need some form of professional help.

Along comes CBS's series Survivor. Sixteen folks stranded on a desert island and forced to survive - and every week aother cast member gets booted off the show.

What drama!

Now, of course a mega-hit like Survivor is going to spawn knock-offs. As a collector of things Bootleg, I was keenly interested.

The best knock-off that I'm aware of was created by local Atlanta radio station, 99x. Their promotion was called "Urban Survivors". The Morning X locked a bunch of strangers in a hotel room for a week. With very little food. No cigarettes. And no way to keep clean.

It was a great idea! It was fun to listen to the strangers trying to get along, as well as seeing them plot and scheme as they drew closer and closer to being the one person left in the room.

But, still, to me, something was missing.

There was no real element of danger. Of malice.

If a person got hurt, medical attention was rushed in. If a person wanted out, they could quit.

At that point I decided that I could do a parody of Survivor that would take the game to it's logical extreme...DEATH!

So I've created Bootleg Survivor. Where pop icons are trapped until they either win or die. And since there are twelve castaways and only one winner, I expect a lot of suffering to happen first.

Every Thursday night, at eight o'clock, the Bootleg Webcam comes to life. For thirty minutes (at a 45-second refresh rate) you can tune in and see the castaways move about - and see this week's unfortunate cast member meet his or her grizzly end.

The order of demise will be based entirely on visitor voting - who ever gets the most votes the previous week will see the light at the end of the tunnel. Other contests and challenges are also in the works.