The Brick House Comic can be tough to jump into – it’s a lot like a traditional Soap Opera in that new storylines are built on top of old ones. Plus, most of the stories read a lot better in “chapter” formats…they’re paced to be enjoyed in a single sitting.

That said…here’s some handy links to jump start your reading experience….

Chapter 0 – The Prologue 

All stories have to start somewhere.

Chapter 1.00 – Enter The Whiskey 

Whiskey Tango and Scotch are introduced…and find their way to the Brick House

Chapter 1.01 – Brick Cola 

Half of the Prologue Protagonists return – and they’re already making trouble for our heroes.

Chapter 1.02 – Brick House Under Siege 

The conflict comes to the Brick House. Will they be ready? Probably not.

Chapter 1.03 – Cola Brick 

As if things weren’t complex enough already, now the other half of the Prologue Protagonists make themselves known.

Chapter 1.04 – Homewreckers 

Could this be the end of the Brick House? Already??

Chapter 2.0 – On Hiatus 

While Brick House was on it’s first hiatus, Ian Healy brought Whiskey and Scotch into his S-Team universe.

Chapter 3.00 – Reasonably Rebooted 

Back from hiatus with an all new look-and-feel to the strip. Everything changes…but will it be for the better? Or for the butter?

Chapter 3.01 – Zombies and Milk 

The story gets moving again. It has to, since it’s being chased by ZOMBIES!

Chapter 3.02 – Raid on Brick Cola 

In pursuit of a kidnapped Scotch, Whiskey and company take on the Evil Empire.

Chapter 3.03 – Dial M for Morpheus 

The Pop-Culture references take control of the strip. Who needs a plot, anyway?

Chapter 3.04 – 2007 Advent Madness 

The cast’s first trip to the Advent Universe to look after LEGO’s Advent Calendar. Things go as well as you’d expect.

Chapter 3.05 – Rock and a Hard Place 

Whiskey and company go to a Van Halen Concert. This, too, ends badly.

Chapter 4.00 – Return to the Brick House 

Donut’s back, and he’s brought the Brick House with him. This time it’s personal.

Chapter 4.01 – Chapter Break 

A rare glimpse backstage.

Chapter 4.02 – Butter Be Careful 

The much dreaded return of Pat O’Buttah.

Chapter 4.03 – Hurts, Donut 

Donut’s character arc takes a bizarre donut-shaped turn.

Chapter 4.04 – Pop goes the Culture 

The quest for Luka resumes….with surprising results.

Chapter 4.05 – Feasting on Bricks 

The gang seeks out Master Science-Chef Alton Brown for advice.

Chapter 4.06 – Fun and Fantasy 

The quest leads to a Magic Kingdom. No, not that magic kingdom. A different one.

Chapter 4.07 – 2008 Advent Madness 

Whiskey plea-bargains his way into Advent Calendar duty again.

Chapter 4.08 – Meanwhile, in Minnesota 

Whiskey’s in a coma. Can Fox and Zombie Wash help?

Chapter 4.09 – The Plot Thickener 

We finally learn what’s been going on for the past 600 or so strips. Sort of.

Chapter 4.10 – In Stark Contrast 

The gang brings in some outside help. Really outside help.

Chapter 5.00 – Chrome Vader 

Behind the scenes cost overruns lead to another short hiatus. Chis doesn’t seem to care.

Chapter 5.01 – Meanwhile, Several Years Later… 

Meanwhile, things have been happening on Y’bbit. Momentous things.

Chapter 5.02 – Family Feud 

The final showdown between Scotch and his arch-foe.

Chapter 5.03 – King Me 

Massive Plot Wrap-up time!

Chapter 5.04 – Advent Madness 2009 

Will the third time be the charm when it comes to dealing with LEGO’s Advent Calendars?

Chapter 5.05 – The Other Side of the Sky 

Scotch, Donut, and Luka visit Detroit. It’s all very Meta.

Chapter 5.06 – A Wild Hair 

The hair-raising tale of the return of a very unexpected villain.

Chapter 5.07 – Rock Band 

Journey to the lands beneath the Brick House

Chapter 5.08 – Army Building 

The setup for the ultimate battle – why does nothing go as planned?

Chapter 5.09 – Fight and Flight 

The Payoff for 1000 strips. Sad, really.

Chapter 6.00 – Unexpected Visitor 

Who ARE all these people?

Chapter 6.01 – House of Brick 

The inmates start running the asylum.

Chapter 6.02 – 2010 Advent Madness 

Christmas Vacation in Stocktown

Chapter 6.03 – Donut’s Quest 

Can Donut find help before he dies? Probably not.

Chapter 6.04 – Meet the New Boss 

The new mastermind behind Brick Cola is revealed.

Chapter 6.05 – C-Section 

A group of super heroes from Craig’s List try and rescue the gang. It goes about as well as you’d expect.

Chapter 7.00 – (Re)Boot to the Head 

Starting Over

And that should take you all the way up to the current episode!