HEROIC TOSSING. Not as dirty as it sounds.

Turn Twenty one.

RedCart meet YellowCart

Player O gets a Yellow train car to match the RedCart.

CraneCat is trapped on the third floor – with no Magic Bread to teleport out with. (Whoops.) The only option? Out the window.

It’s decided that separate survival rolls will have to be made for the cat and the chandelier.

Player O: Okay. The Cat jumps!
Player B: Directly onto Tommy and BreadGirl!
Player O: Oh, crap.


The rolls aren’t good either – a three and a five – the cat is KOed and the chandlier is smashed. Tommy is knocked out and his skateboard is shattered.

BreadBabe uses her normal action to try and revive the cat…and fails. The cat is now DEAD.

Tommy HEROICALLY REVIVES and overlooks the carnage.

Run Away!

FireBot, HoverSofa, PatioBot all move their 1/2 around the building.

Also run away!

DummerGirl and the Dog move back 1/2.

Frosty tries to use the Potter-Porter to get to the third floor…and fails! Player B foolishly chooses to let him stay at Player O’s base.

Figures in Body Bags

Meanwhile, Player B’s army gets another last-minute addition with an Archer.

Line of sight to Player B's base? Check.

Blackie uses a HEROIC THROW to get the male manikin back to base.

Purple Pants!

MaceMan grabs the purple pants and give them to Skelly. Skelly moves and hands the pants to the FrogMech. The FrogMech heads for the Queen and her teleporting cart.


Nick the Narnia Knight moves up one, CHAOS PIG remains idle.

Peparing for the jump

The Prince grabs a goblet and moves the the 2nd floor window.

What will be left for him?

The Archer makes his first move towards the Emporium.

The turn ends with Player B adding to her score – can she continue to narrow the loot gap next turn?

TURN 21 Player O Player B
Items At Base Gold plate, Scooter, Female Manikin, Red Gem,
Red Gem #2, Tall Green Box, Short green box,
Yellow box
Male Manikin, Tophat, Blue Pants, Blue Bottle,
Blue Hat, Blue Bowling Ball