It’s mid way through the fourth quarter – or it would be if we were playing Football. Which we aren’t.

Turn Twenty Two

Mother Hubbard is having flashbacks

The calendar is looking pretty bare now.


Player O adds a helicopter to the mix.
“No room for bombs on this one.”

I know CPR!

Frosty users the Potter-Porter to move to the roof of the Emporium. A roll of 3 and he appears just where he wants!

Frosty then tries a HEROIC REVIVAL of  ShowerSanta!

I thought I knew CPR!

BUT IT FAILS! ShowerSanta is DEAD.

FireBot, HoverSofa, PatioBot all move 1/2.

Why take the cash when you can take the whole register?

FormerBreadBabe grabs the cash register and moves outside.


Tommy completes a HEROIC REPAIR of the chandelier  and starts to carry it back to base.

Back to base...empty handed!

DrummerGirl and Dog are still moving back to base as well.

The rest of Player O’s troops stand at the ready.

It's in here somewhere.

Player B gets another animal…


…an Owl. Whatever.

Heroic Tosser

Blackie grabs the ice cream from the overturned cart and uses his HEROIC TOSS to get it back to base.


The Queen readies her Teleport Cart….


…and Blips to the Second Floor.

Load 'em up

The Prince puts his glass on the cart.

Peacnick knight

Narnia Knight grabs some flowers and sprints for home.


The other Knights move around a bit.

Flowers for the Lady

The Barmaid grabs some flowers.

I can see it from here!

The archer moves up and ends Player B’s turn…

The score is very close now…will Player B be able to tip the balance in her favor?

TURN 22 Player O Player B
Items At Base Gold plate, Scooter, Female Manikin, Red Gem,
Red Gem #2, Tall Green Box, Short green box,
Yellow box
Male Manikin, Tophat, Blue Pants, Blue Bottle,
Blue Hat, Blue Bowling Ball, Ice Cream