The final day of reinforcements! Kick-ass eve!

Turn Twenty Four

Player O gets another Santa – this one wearing pants. And with the Engine for the cargo train!

A Frosty Heave-HO

Frosty HEROICALLY THROWS the big present from the billboard back to base.


Frosty then tries to jump down to the window-washer’s platform…but he misses! He crashes to the ground and his magic hat goes flying!

A long way down...

Sweaterman grabs the birdhouse and jumps through the escalator gaps…

...a long, HARD, way down.

…knocking himself right out.

Postal Fraud and a handoff

The PatioBot and HoverCouch each steal letters from the mailbox and head back to Player O’s base. FormerBreadBabe hands Tommy the Cash register. Tommy winds up, and sends it flying HEROCIALLY HOME.


The FireBot heads inside the Emporium.

Last minute shopping

FormerBreadBabe moves back inside as well.


X-ENT moves up 1.

All Aboard...

DrummerGirl, Dog, and Santa board the completed Gift Train…

For Player B's Base!

….and Potter-Porter DIRECTLY TO PLAYER B’S  BASE!

Not Santa

Meanwhile, Player B has her final figure – the Blue Wizard!

Final hand off?

Barmaid gives her flower to the revived FrogMech.

Run for it!

FrogMech and Archer sprint towards Player B’s base.


Blue Wizard uses a CHAOS BLAST against Santa, but a roll of 3 sends it wide.

Wild Ride

The Prince loads the last cup onto the cart and hangs on. The Queen uses the Chaos Cart to teleport them (and the loot) back to base!  That’s four items of loot – two glasses and two goblets. (The Queen and Prince are okay, Player B just knocked them over removing the loot)


Blackie sends his last mallet flying HEROICALLY towards Santa’s head….and it’s a HIT! Santa is DOWN!

We enter the final three rounds of play with Player O still with a slim lead.

TURN 24 Player O Player B
SCORE 12 11
Items At Base Gold plate, Scooter, Female Manikin, Red Gem, Red Gem #2, Tall Green Box, Short green box, Yellow box, Gold Treasure Chest, Chandelier, Giant Present, Cash Register Male Manikin, Tophat, Blue Pants, Blue Bottle, Blue Hat, Blue Bowling Ball, Ice Cream, Clear Glass #1, Clear Glass #2, Goblet #1, Goblet #2