Aren’t these last few minutes of play the most exciting? Funny how that works.

Turn Twenty Five Point Two

Back from a stroll

The X-ENT returns to base.

A clean sweep

HoverSofa and PatioBot move to Frosty.  Frosty tries a HEROIC POWER SWEEP and sends the HoverSofa flying back to base.

Player O's Loot

The letter it carried is now part of Player O’s loot pile.

Beep Beep

FireBot and his pot move up 1/2

It's a mess in there!

FormerBreadBabe emerges from the Emporium with the Dollhouse.


She hands it to Tommy, who tries a HEROIC THROW – but FAILS!


The Dollhouse lands 1/2 way to Player B’s base.

All Alone

Santa realizes he’s outgunned….

Retreat and SNAG

…and uses the Train to move back three – grabbing the Dollhouse on the way.

The Score Shifts


The queen takes the flowers from the Narnia Knight and puts them into the cache. And the FrogMech reaches Player B’s base and unloads – tipping the point balance in a big way.

(FrogMech was carrying Yellow Bowling Ball,  Flowers #2, Blue Gem #1, Blue Gem #2, and Purple Pants)


Santa dodges two more attacks – one from Skelly and one from MaceMan.

Hell Hath No Fury...

Barmaid, however, has better aim.


Santa is OUT.

I shall call it...The Gravy Train

Blackie, seeing his chance, hijacks the train.

With a single turn remaining will Player O be able to take back the lead???

TURN 25.2 Player O Player B
SCORE 13 17
Items At Base Gold plate, Scooter, Female Manikin, Red Gem, Red Gem #2, Tall Green Box, Short green box, Yellow box, Gold Treasure Chest, Chandelier, Giant Present, Cash Register, Letter #1 Male Manikin, Tophat, Blue Pants, Blue Bottle, Blue Hat, Blue Bowling Ball, Ice Cream, Clear Glass #1, Clear Glass #2, Goblet #1, Goblet #2, Yellow Bowling Ball, Flowers #1,  Flowers #2, Blue Gem #1, Blue Gem #2,  Purple Pants