At first I thought I’d have to reference the 2011 CITY advent – but turns out there’s handcuffs in this year’s one as well. (Part of the “Burglar Tools” on day 5).  Because of LEGO, handcuffs and the holidays are forever linked for me.

At least I’m blaming LEGO. The real reason might be a little to personal to share here.

Today’s Advent thingie is a young Boba Fett minifigure. If my Bricklink-Fu isn’t way off, this is the first ever version of him in “pink”, and the fist one released in any form since 2002.

It’s not a bad mini. The torso print is new, and a nice update from the 2002 version. The head is also a new print, with a different expression on each side. Once again, LEGO is trying to make up for a weak rest of the month by putting the really nice items in the last few days.