LEGO 2005 Advent Calendar - Day 11

Today's Prize
I am Jack's Roadblock

Behind today's door is yet another trinket intended for Jack. This time it's a pretty nice barricade. I like this little set, as it's got some great pieces for use in building other stuff once we get through this calendar nonsense. The 1x1 sloped tiles are a personal favorite of mine - and I really like the transparent orange colors.

Anyway. Back to the events in progress:

Ace: "Oh my! What happened here?!?"

Officer Grumpypants: "Looks like...something...had to feed! AWM's head is missing! And it looks like that crook was stuffed face first into that safe!"

Ralphie: "It does indeed look like that."

Jack: "Well, I'll start cleaning things up and see if we can't find some clues..."

Meanwhile, the Man-Eating-Safe, interrupted in the middle of its meal, sits quietly and awaits its next victim...

Total Parts in Set: 203
Parts in Today's Door: 9
Parts to Go: 100

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