LEGO 2005 Advent Calendar - Day 13

Today's Prize

Continuing the "Train" theme from yesterday's door, today we have this Safe-T-Gate. According to the door-flap, I was only supposed to use three of the red 1x1 round bricks, but it seemed silly to leave that as an extra part. I mean, there are already three extras for today - an extra clip, dot, and...uh..."Plate, Modified 1 x 1 with Clip Light - Type 2 (thick ring)".

The arm of the gate does indeed swing up and down just like you'd expect. Hours and hours of fun.

Hey! I just realized! It sort of looks like a candy cane! (Or at least a peppermint stick) Maybe that's a hidden Christmas theme! Yeah, that's it! Way to go, managed to sneak in the holiday spirit before the end of week 2.

Anyway, back to the Advent Story - where Officer Grumpypants and Ace anxiously await the results of the Crime Scene Investigation by T....

T: Well, my little wand thingies told me nothing more than "His Head is missing." Time to pull out the big guns.

Officer Grumpypants: This is your "Big Gun"?

T: Yes.

Officer Grumpypants: And you're certain you're not making some sort of pornographic reference?

T: Maybe.

Ace: Man, is this background clean. Jack sure does a good job. But where the heck did he go?

Officer Grumpypants: I think he's off giving Ralphie a wax job.

T: And you're certain you're not making some sort of pornographic reference?

Officer Grumpypants: ....


Man Eating Safe: Man, that crook sure had a thick neck - I didn't think I'd ever be able to chew all the way through it. Still. So. Hungry....

Total Parts in Set: 203
Parts in Today's Door: 17
Parts to Go: 74

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