LEGO 2005 Advent Calendar - Day 21

Today's Prize
Pizza Guy

Four doors left - one full theme and Christmas Eve to go. The last theme we had was "Child and toys" - a very holiday spirited set of daily bribes. I had hopes that LEGO might continue that sort of spirit into the final days. But no. Instead of family, or friends, or loved ones, we get the Pizza Guy. Last resort of homes after the in-laws have shown up drunk...again...and the turkey is a dried out husk because the little plastic timer melted and never popped up, but no one would take responsibility for removing the bird from the oven before it popped...and strange neighbors who you never really got along with are there with their ill-behaved kids who are eyeing your CD collection like they're at K-Mart and although you'd like to keep an eye on them the fourth of the boxes of boxed wine is empty and someone just puked in the hallway.


The Pizza Guy. Last resort for those Christmas parties where you just don't have time to cook.

Actually, as far as mini-figures go, the Pizza Guy is a pretty nice little figure. The hint of a jolly belly, the broad smile and handlebar mustache all combine to say "That's one a-spicy meatball." He looks like a fun sort of guy - and a guy who would probably show up with free pizza, at that.

And now, back to our story....

Oil: I'm just going to wheel the lube over to the bedroom!

Officer Grumpypants: You do that! I'm going to see if there are any "attachments" on this drill that we might find useful. And maybe order a pizza.

Oil: OOh! Order a pizza! We can flip a coin and see who gets to answer the door wearing nothing but a hat!

Officer Grumpypants: That's lewd behavior, you know I can't allow that.

Oil: Oh, you can spank me later....

Officer Grumpypants: I'm really not in the mood to wait to spank you.

Oil: Eeek!

Suddenly, before any more flirtatious banter can take place....

Headless Corpse of MC LeetSpeak: *Bleed*

Oil: Oh, GROSS!

Officer Grumpypants: Hey! That's not one of the bodies we were expecting! Ace! Jack! Come in! Where are the corpses we ordered?!?

Oil: Oh! Flip a coin to see who gets to greet them in just a hat!

Officer Grumpypants: Keep your pants on for just a moment! There's something obvious we're overlooking.

Oil: Like what?

Officer Grumpypants: Like who just tossed a corpse into the middle of our little naughty sub-plot.

Man-Eating-Safe-Mecha: THAT WOULD BE ME.

Oil: Good lord! Someone - or something - has combined all the previous Advent Presents into a giant robot of death!


Oil: And now you're going to kill us - just like you killed that nameless corpse you threw at us earlier?


Pizza Guy: Hey,did someone order a pizza...? OH MY GOSH, That robot isn't wearing any pants!!!!!!

Tune in tomorrow when we reveal who is behind the newly Mecha-ized Man-Eating-Safe! And to think some of you didn't think I had a plot for this story just because I'm making it up as I go along! For shame!

Total Parts in Set: 203
Parts in Today's Door: 5
Parts to Go: 2

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