LEGO 2006 Advent Calendar - Day 15

Today's Prize:
Phone Kiosk

I'm really not sure if today's item description is accurate or not. I mean, it is a kiosk of some type. Outdoors, apparently, due to the flower. But the only item in the kiosk is a keypad. It could be meant to be an ATM, or maybe keyless entry to a gated community. The real problem is I can't find the link to the Janitor theme that has held for the previous two days. It's a mystery, I tells ya.

Dr. Sloehand: Whoah! Looks like those Lenses are still trying to open up portals! Gee, I hope the radiation hasn't made me sterile.

The Conductor: Quit peeking at the lenses! Geeze! Do you WANT more temporal distortions? How are we going to clean up this year's Advent stream if you keep mucking it up?

Handy: Uh. Yeah. Because, as I've mentioned in the past, those portal thingies HURT.

Dr. Sloehand: Looking good there, Handy. Lookin' real good.

Handy: Don't make me beat you to death with my barbell. Because I will.

The Conductor: Now, now. No need for that. Let's get back to our investigation.

Jack: We're out of the bubbles! Back in focus! I...I think we're getting close to the real world!

The Janitor: No...we're not. That last blip in the Advent Stream sent us way off course. I'm going to have to call in some more backstage help.

The Janitor: Let me just get over to the alarm console there and I'll put out the call.

Jack: Who are you going to call?

The Janitor: Someone I never hoped to have to see again.

Total Parts in Set: 257
Parts in Today's Door: 15
Parts to Go: 68

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