LEGO 2006 Advent Calendar - Day 21

Today's Prize:
Vice Clamps and Table Saw

The final set of what I guess was a "Workshop" sub-theme is a nice set of table-mounted clamps and a saw. Another nice mini-model. I'll probably steal that clamp design and use it somewhere in the future.

Loki: I can't believe I lost - and so quickly, too. But I think it was cheating for you to use the Limburger cheese like that. It's just not cricket.

The Conductor: All's fair in love and war, Loki.

Loki: How'd you know my name?

The Conductor: It's printed on your badge, there.

Loki: Oh. Right. Obvious mistake. Sorry, I have a bit of a headache.

The Conductor: Now, are you going to tell us what you're up to, or I do I give the rack another turn?

Loki: You haven't happened to see a brown suitcase around here anywhere have you, Doctor?

Dr. Sloehand: What...? Sorry, no.

Loki: Then I might as well talk.

Loki: My plan started out with Day One of this year's Advent Calendar. Using my backstage connections I had managed to send my own set of instructions through with the standard Mini-Figure gift. Jack Handy thought he was following instructions from the "Build Guild" - thought he was actually helping bring about the Holiday Cheer that an Advent Calendar usually brings. But thanks to my machinations he warped the Advent Stream to bring in more and more of the objects I wanted.

Handy: Jack said something about a Guild right after I appeared - I thought he was just drunk and making things up. But what about me, Loki? How do you explain my being here?

Loki: The Advent Stream resisting my tampering? Chronal distortions? I really can't say.

The Conductor: But why? What were you trying to do to the Advent Stream?

Loki: Isn't it obvious? Last year's calendar was just like this year's. No Holiday Cheer at all. I was bringing in parts and items to blow up the Advent Stream entirely. To reset it back to factory defaults - and hopefully return it to something that has some sort of a Happy Holiday Theme. I'm doing this for the good of children everywhere! I'm not the bad guy here. YOU ARE. YOU AND YOUR DAMN TSA.

Grumpypants: Obviously the deranged ranting of a lunatic. Thank you, Conductor. I'll take it from here.

Total Parts in Set: 257
Parts in Today's Door: 14
Parts to Go: 11

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