LEGO 2006 Advent Calendar - Day 22

Today's Prize:

Three doors left - and the final theme? Firefighters. Assuming Santa is going to make his usual appearance on the 24th, that means that the Fireman's run will be pretty short - just today and tomorrow. Still, LEGO did decide to layer today's figure with accessories. He comes with a hat, two visors, a neck ring and a removable air tank. Pretty studly.

Heh. Stud-ly. That's almost a LEGO pun.


Because LEGO bricks have studs, that's why.


Oh, never mind.

The Janitor: That's right, just back away from the Evil One and we can bring this calendar to a close.

Grumpypants: Calm down, Janitor. No need for that, we're all on the same side. Well, except for the guy in the vice. I'm pretty sure he's playing for the other team.

Loki: Funny to hear you making "other team" jokes, Grumpypants, after your fling with Oil last year.

Grumpypants: QUIET! YOU don't get to SAY HIS NAME. Do you hear me? YOU DON'T EVEN get to say his NAME.

Loki: Looks like I hit a nerve there.

The Conductor:'re here to take this case off my hands, Officer Grumpypants? Now that I've done all the work?

Grumpypants: Look, Conductor, I may by grumpy, but I'm not a jerk. You've done fine work here. But as your supervisor I have to take the lead role once I'm on the scene. TSA union rules.

The Conductor: I...suppose you have a point.

Barricade-Lad: What about the Doctor, here? Duplicate Dot reported he was part of Loki's Advent re-streaming efforts. Is he a good guy or a bad guy?

Doctor Sloehand: I'm a good guy! I helped take down the bad guy! Why would I do that if I were evil?

Barricade-Lad: Perhaps you're a double agent. ARE you a double agent?

Doctor Sloehand:

The Conductor: So. Now that we've taken the Bad Guy down, learned his plot, we can just re-tweak the advent-stream and put a happy ending on this, right?

Loki: Good luck with that!

Grumpypants: Sadly, Loki is right. It's the 22nd. There are only two advent gifts left - and this City-Theme has built up so much momentum that it'll be impossible to derail the train back onto happytack.

Special Agent Dot: Wait....there are THREE gifts left to go. We haven't seen anything new yet today!

Grumpypants: My god! As if on cue, a giant space/time vortex has ripped open the stark landscape of the LEGO Advent Calendar!

Jack: Way to work in the expositional dialog there, Grumpy.

Doctor Sloehand: Wait! Something is forming - I see....I see....a Mini-figure....

Fireman: Hello, everyone.

Grumpypants: It's as I feared. Too much damage has been done to the Advent-Stream for this year. Instead of a theme to bring joy, we've got a Fireman. I guess he's symbolic of the whole concept of "happiness" burning down around my ears....

Fireman: You always were the pessimist, Grumpalicious.

Grumpypants: ....what did you call me?

Fireman: What?

Grumpypants: I said...what did you call me?

Fireman: What? Hold on, I can't hear a thing with this helmet on...

Fireman: Ah! Man, it's good to get that gear off. It might be great for traveling the timestream, but it sucks for daily life.

Grumpypants: O....OIL? Is that you?

Oil: Yeah, Grumps, it's me.

Grumpypants: took a job with the Guardian...left to explore the far reaches of the Advent-stream... You said you didn't want to ever see me again...

Oil: I know I said we were quits, but I couldn't stop thinking about you.

Oil: I've come to ask you to take me back.

Loki: Look, this is sweet and all, but could someone please take my head out of this vice?

The Conductor: Quiet, you. You're ruining a touching moment.

Loki: It's what I do.

Total Parts in Set: 257
Parts in Today's Door: 8
Parts to Go: 3

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