LEGO 2006 Advent Calendar - Day 3

Today's Prize:
Portable Scanner, Pattern Enhancer, Pattern Buffer
and extra bits.

As promised in the note from day one, there were a lot of bits waiting behind door number three. All playing aside, I really have no idea what the device with the handle is supposed to be in a City-setting. Maybe a pavement grinder of some sort? The other items (barricade and pylon) were pretty straight forward in their application. Or rather, in their early twenty-first century disguises. We know they have other uses.

Also, today marks the first day that LEGO included "extra bits" with the day's goodies. This is fairly normal for them - although the Calendar's box promises us 257 parts, we'll probably end up with closer to 275. (Maybe the part counter has numeric dyslexia? It could happen.)

Back in the story, let's see what Jack does when this shipment from the future arrives.

Jack: Sweet! Just like the note promised!

(Wait..."like the note promised"? Does this mean that Jack is merely receiving messages from the future? This could change everything!)

Jack: Uh-oh. Looks like there was a glitch in the temporal teleporter. Something didn't make it through properly. And the patterns I have don't include instructions for these parts. I bet they're important, though. Why else would they pay the Guild to send it though time and space?

Jack sets down to work, puzzling over the possible connections for the five unexpected parts. At first no combination seems to yield anything more useful than abstract sculpture. Beautiful, but not particularly functional. But then...

Jack: I knew it! I knew this wasn't just random bits! You're a robot from the future! I'm going to call you ....Handy Jack!

Handy: Wow. What a descriptive name. You know, I have many fine characteristics beyond the one gripper arm.

Jack: Really? Cool! Let's go down to the Sports Bar and you can tell me all about it over a couple of frosty ones.

Handy: Don't you think we should prepare? I came to this point in time for a reason! And...hey! Come back here!

But it's too late. Jack has already left for the bar, leaving Handy no choice but to hover along after him. This will turn out to be a serious tactical error, as just then the Temporal Teleporter, boosted by the new pattern enhancer and buffer, powers itself up.


Total Parts in Set: 257
Parts in Today's Door: 17
Parts to Go: 220

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