LEGO 2006 Advent Calendar - Day 9

Today's Prize:
Computer Terminal, extra keyboard, and chair

This is an odd one. Why would LEGO leave the chair on the floor like that - particularly if they were going to throw in an extra keyboard tile? Oh well. Whatever.

Dr. Sloehand: You were right, Handy, there doesn't seem to be any sort of clue built into you...yet. At least not that I can figure out. But here comes some more of my equipment...

Handy: YOWCH!

Dr. Sloehand: Extra part?

Handy: A keyboard. It didn't attach for some reason, but it hit me on the head when it came through.

Dr. Sloehand: See what I mean? It's almost random.

Handy: Or that I don't have anywhere to stick a keyboard at the moment. These things seem to attach wherever there's space.

Dr. Sloehand: I did say "almost" random.

Handy: You did at that.

Dr. Sloehand: Okay, let's see what we can find out now that I've got my kit. Describe in single words only the good things that come into your mind about... your mother.

Handy: My mother?

Dr. Sloehand: Yeah.

Handy: Let me tell you about my mother.

Total Parts in Set: 257
Parts in Today's Door: 9
Parts to Go: 158

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