2008 Advent Challenge: Castle vs. CITY

Twenty five days of carnage and mayhem. All through December, each day at 4:00pm EST, the day's moves will be revealed. Who will win, who will die? Does it really matter when you're having this much fun?

Combat is handled using the easy-to-use QuikWars subsystem of the awesome Brikwars rules system. Go check it out!

The players:

The eternal struggle between Child and Parent is captured this year by our two contestants: Player A and her daughter, Player B.

Player A
Player B
PLAYER A - Representing the CITY theme
PLAYER B - Representing the CASTLE theme

There was some debate as to who got the Castle themed calendar - both players thought it was much cooler. Player A was a sport and took CITY, perhaps after noticing that the CITY set had an extra mini-figure and a few more bricks to work with.


The Setup:

The battleground was decided to be my dining room table. It had some nice wood inlays that we could use for marking off "in play" areas, and franky, it was the only space even moderately safe from our cats.

Since the Advent Calendar's "a set a day" structure doesn't fit exactly in to the QuikWars format, we made a few changes and balance adjustments right away.

  • The first figure pulled from each Calendar would be the "HERO" figure for that player.
  • Since the CITY calendar had 10 figures to the Castle's 9, the final Castle figure would ALSO be a HERO.
  • Each turn the day's sets would appear in the Player's STAGING AREA (a small square on their side of the table.)
  • As long as there was a mini-figure present in the STAGING AREA the player could build with any bricks also in the STAGING AREA.
  • The game would be played for 30 turns - 24 "open a door" phases and a final six rounds to complete the game with all pieces in play.


While a goal of "humiliate and eliminate the other Player" would probably have worked, it seemed more in the Christmas Spirit to have the Players competing for a goal. That goal, of course, would be:



It seems that Santa Claus Conquers the Martians wasn't the end of the story. The Mars Mission Martians have regrouped and taken Saint Nick hostage! Players must find a way to fight past the Martian Guards and Leader (A Martian HERO), Unlock the Statis Cell and escape with Santa.

Santa's location at the end of turn 30 will determine the winner - whichever half of the table he is on is the winner.


Click on each day to see the how the battle is progressing. Each day is posted to the blog at 4:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time)!

December 2008


Part 1


Part 2


Part 3



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