Star Wars BLING

Snowspeeder Type-R (Snowspeed-R)
Set 7130
Rear spoiler, Revised controls, much bigger engines, side-wing spoilers, scorpion graphics, auxiliary turbocharger.

This shot from the rear of the Snowspeed-R gives a nice glow off the chrome highlights of the wing-mounted sensory array, exhaust system, and heat-sink on the engines. Designed for atmospheric flight only, the Speed-R uses micro-flaps on the rear spoiler to help direct thrust from the dual FreezyPop turbines. Each engine has an independent speed control, allowing the craft tighter handling than the air-brake reliant stock model.

The traditional tow cable gun was traded for a hidden rear-attack ion charge system. The support struts for the rear spoiler are actually reinforced cannons.

When asked what the Snowspeed-R could do to an AT-AT, the response was "Are you nuts? You think I'd risk a ship like this against an imperial walker? The chrome on the sensors cost me six month's pay!"

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