Star Wars BLING

Snowspeeder Type-R (Snowspeed-R)
Set 7130
Rear spoiler, Revised controls, much bigger engines, side-wing spoilers, scorpion graphics, auxiliary turbocharger.

When we first meet the Snow Speeder it's already undergoing some modifications; they're being "adapted for the cold" of Hoth. So obviously "stock" on this particular model is a questionable state. Still, you have to start somewhere, so we'll treat Set 7130 as "Factory".

All in all, a very functional craft. Compact. Heavily armed. Not the best in terms of speed or maneuverability, though. But military efficiency doesn't spell "fun" or "sporty".

The R-Type Snow Speeder (the Snowspeed-R) adds the chrome, detailing, and turbro-charge that were missing.

The most obvious additions are the rear spoiler and the engine enhancements. What might escape a first glance are the custom "Scorpion" hood kit, chromed exhaust and sensor arrays, and the fact that the side aerofoils are actually dual-layered, creating a unique "side spoiler".

More detailing this way...

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