Star Wars BLING

Bling Speeder
Set 7110
Enhanced Exhaust, Chrome vents, Air Scoop, Cheap Date

The real question for any BLING enthusiast is "What happened to Luke's Landspeeder after he sold it at Mos Eisley?"

Well, we were lucky enough to track the vehicle down, and see what its new owner had done to it.

Lunk Blingwalker (pictured, right) was just returning from having a gold cap applied to his front tooth when we caught up with him. His "date" Queen Dragnasty, left early on to go smoke and to visit the little boy's room.

The majority of this classic vehicle was left in stock form, with most of the additions being snap-on or cosmetic in nature. The exhausts had all been tweaked with chromed guards and a glass-pack at the front, giving the normal "whine" of the landspeeder a distinctly throaty rumble.

The highly reactive chrome often catches fire, giving a high-profile exhaust to this otherwise environmentally friendly vehicle.

The new neon lights on the engines and sides add a new excitement to after-dark cruising.

This air scoop is part of the improved air conditioner unit. Note that the improved Multi-disc CD changer unit requires it's own control surface in the cockpit. Also note the racing stripe and shine from the freshly-chromed grill on the pilot's side.

The end.

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