Star Wars BLING

X-Wing Fighter R-Type (XR-Wing)
Set 7140
Roomier cockpit with revised controls and leather seating, double the guns, huge engines, landing gear, and a four-cylinder shield generator.

The stock X-Wing fighter has served the Alliance with distinction. They were instrumental in bringing down two Death Stars, after all. Plus, they're sporty. They have a shield generator, hyperspace capability, and a dedicated Astromech.

Not to mention being the most obviously phallic ship the Rebels had to offer. There's no subtlety here - a long smooth shaft with with bulbous tip? Who do they think they're fooling?

But, unsurprisingly, the Rebel Alliance was filled with rebellious youth. Youth worried that perhaps they were packing less into their jumpsuit than some of the other pilots. It was this insecurity that lead to the development of the XR-Wing - the X-Wing R-Type. With a fuselage that was noticeably longer and thicker, even the most petite pilot could confidently strut his stuff.

One of the first things you'll not about the XR-Wing (beyond the enhanced Masculinity) is the increase in firepower. The XR doubles the firepower, while upgrading from the dull gun-metal cannons of the X-Wing to a translucent barrel that, while losing some effectiveness from refraction, still manages to combine style with function.

The engines have also been upgraded - the sublight speeds now matching that of the A-Wing (but not of the AR-Wing, sadly.) The fuel consumption has doubled, requiring the XR to sacrifice the on-board storage for additional fuel cells.

Looking head-on, you can see the atmospheric intake manifold just fore of the windscreen. The number on the nose is standard for all XR-Wings. XR enthusiasts have formed a committed lobby to try and get LEGO® to issue a stock XR set with that serial number. Of course, that would just lead to XRR-Wings, as these people would never be satisfied with anything "stock."

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