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Entry #31
By: LuxorV  

Sentinel Crusher Armor

When the concern for the mutant situation lead the humans to develope the Sentinels to contain, and destroy, what they felt like a menace, Tony Stark decided to stand on the mutants' side. He then built this XXXL Armor to be able to fight the Sentinels. He knew that the Standard Armor could beat any of them in single combat, but he needed something more resistant and powerful to confront with large numbers of those mechanical guards. It features a Mega Chest-beam, reinforced chest plate to protect the pilot's cell, wrist-mounted virus pod projectors (that eject special projectiles with a drill head that can perforate the Sentinels' armor and deliver a cyber virus to disable their systems), and twin katanas made of a super-resistant secret alloy (it's said it could be a variety of Adamantium).

Gallery :

Entry #32
by: an0nym0us

Deforestation Armor

when the batttle heads into the forest, iron man creates the deforestation armor! with a flame thrower built into one hand, a giant saw blade replacing the other, and powered by a hot water heater, the deforestation armor is ready to tear  the bad guys apart one tree at a time.

link:  http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=315222

Entry #33
By: Joseph Gonzalez

Samson X Armor

Tony is surprisingly tight-lipped regarding the specificpurpose of this powersuit that augments strength by more than twenty times thatof standard armor. There is a nastyrumor going around that the suit was created in response to a particularlystubborn lid on a pickle jar.
This model can be made using parts from the 4915 Mini
Construction and 8673 Ferrari F1 Fuel Stop sets.

Page Link:



Entry #34
By: Darth Bionics


About it: When a raid is needed on an base, or some heavy firepower needed, the STOMPER is called in. piloted by one, the STOMPER is almost unstoppable, with it's two heavy missiles, hydro-powered laser cannons, and shoulder-mounted grenade launchers.

Brickshelf folder: http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=316115
(please note that the folder has a 13-second movie of the mech in action.)

Entry #35
By: Demeter Norbi

Long-Range-Missions armour

Tony Stark uses this armor for very long range missions. The two booster engines on the back are designed for long range operations and enable him to fly at very high speeds(faster than his normal suit), so he can travel longer distances and also do it in a shorter time. Just perfect for when he needs to be on the other side of the Earth, and fast!

Link to my flickr account, so you can see more angles of the MOC:

Entry #36
By: Joonce
Iron Nighthawk
The Iron Nighthawk is designed to not be ridiculously huge. It could even fit in your average hallway!
With this armor Tony Stark can silently glide over head, launching rockets at unsuspecting baddies below.
The wings can even fold in to more easily traverse buildings!
This armor is great for missions where being a giant Transformer robot would be a disadvantage.

Entry #37
By: Kick My Butt


Iron Man gets sick of his life one day or simply is trapped in his base. What does he do? He goes down in a big bombardment of explosions, greanades, and big weapons!!

Photos and more here.

Entry #38
By: Kick My Butt

Tank Killer Armour

(His brother's invention) Big tank? Get rid of it quick with three 40mm cannons.

Photos and more here.


Entry #39
By: Kick My Butt


For distracting your enemies and giving you time to...uh...kick them, or something. If you can keep your balance.

Photos and more here.

Entry #40
by: Elliot Folan

Banjo Yokel Armor

Retreating to the country, Tony Stark finds it hard to cope with the traditional Yokel life, so he builds himself the Banjo Yokel suit. Equipped with an industrial size Banjo, and rocket thruster feet for those awkward moments when people throw jugs at you.

Link to website: www.chaotic-good.co.uk

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