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Entry #41
by: takua-777

Shuttle hybrid armour

created from the remains of a crashed shuttle and with some help from an ex-nasa scientist, the shuttle hybrid armour is designed for space combat. no traditional weapons and they wouldn't work in space. the armour is equipped with several booster rockets for moving in space and clearing the earth's gravitational pull. the flaps on the arms contain re-usable shuttle-grade parachutes for landings, the armour has a built in heat sheild, and stark added the classic red/gold markings at a later date.

Entry #42

SteamFarmer 2000 Power Armor

this is my entry: The SteamFarmer 2000 power armor.
Here is the MOCpage: 'http://www.mocpages.com/moc.php/55968'

Entry #43
By: Will

Iron Mech

The Iron Mech was made by Tony Stark. He came up with
the idea when he decided to make a suit with speed,
agility, defense, and power rolled into one. then The
Iron Mech was born.

Entry #44
By: Matthew Simpson
Iron Man Samuarai Armor

developed by Stark Industries to take down heavily armored foes.   Includes Dual Barrel Plasma Cannon, Pulsating Energy Katana,  EMP resistant reinforced armor, Anti enemy Semi-Transparent Force Shield, and Dual rear Jump Jets for quick take off and maneuvering.
Link to additional photos at Flikr:

Entry #45
By: tananavalley

Ironman Steampunk

After World War III the need for heroes to protect the weak from the wicked was at its greatest. Even though Tony Stark lost his great technology, he did not lose his mind. IRONMAN walked the land again.
Link to brickshelf: http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=316336

Entry #46
By: tananavalley

Iron Maiden

"Tanya Stark assumed the role of hero when her father died. During the day she defends against the forces of evil, but at night she dons a different suit of heavy metal to become Iron Maiden."
Link to brickshelf: http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=316334

Entry #47
By: takua-777

aquatic ops armour

stark designed this for underwater combat, this armour is perfect for fighting sea monsters, etc. armed with 2 spear gun arms and 2 leg mounted beam emitters and featuring air tanks and leg and foot mounted propulsion. the blue and black decals were added to make it seem more aquatic.

Entry #48
By: gazakull

Deep Space Survival armor

armor designed primarily for deep space survival and limited combat. Protects Iron Man against micrometeorites, radiation and filthy alien invaders. This suit features two "Palm mounted" Repulsor Cannons as it's only offensive weapons besides it's large claws.

Link to my Flickr Account for more picture:

Entry #49

Dark Power Iron Man

He lives in a cavern.
He is the defensor of the dark power and his arms are made of iron.
He eliminate his enemies and defend the earth from the evil skeleton.
More photos in:

Entry #50
By: Gaby

Ice Iron Man

He lives in the South Pole.

He have iron arms and many accessories

He defend the E.D.B. (Earth Destroy Boton) from the evil skeleton.

More photos in:


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