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Entry #51
By: JoeB

Iron Man Armor


Entry #52
By: JoeB

Iron Man Armor


Entry #53
By: Stormwing

Type-D General Use Personal Powered Suit

(Dash Type)

This machine was developed upon seeing the possible uses of a bipedal powersuit in the civilian field for purposes such as construction and heavy transport. This model is meant for basic labor, and is equipped with a floodlight and warning light on top. The 'Type-D' designates this as a booster-equipped version, adjustable and mounted on the back. There are also wheel devices on the ankles which, with the help of the booster, help when the unit has to push an object around when it cannot be lifted. The pilot controls the suit via two control sticks, attached to the sides of the main body.

These suits are capable of being modified for any duty - this one is even equipped with two powerful machine guns for defense purposes should the need arise.

Flickr link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/12603059@N07/sets/72157604838391701/

Entry #54
By: TChad

Miyazaki Armor

Tony Stark discovers that his mother, Maria Stark, is still alive but very ill. He builds this suit of armor to enter a magic forest and track the elusive Cat Bus to help him find his lost mother. The design of the armor helps him blend in with the other Totoro and move freely amongst them. Powerful sonic projectors allow him to attempt Cat Bus calls, and the chest beam can illuminate the darkest forest at night.

The head swivels; the whiskers can be positioned (forward and back) and the ears tilted (side to side) for added expression. I'd considered having the chest open to reveal a rocket launcher... but Miyazaki would not approve!

(For those not familiar, a link to wikipedia might be in order)

(Based on sphere by Bruce Lowell with alterations for arms/head)


Entry #55
By: tananavalley

Urban Assault Armor

Tony Stark debuts his new heavy urban assault armor for combat in fortified facilities.
Link to brickshelf:

Entry #56
By: wintermute

Iron Gundam

After a bizarre crossover series of events Tony Stark found himself trapped in a desolute future engulfed in constant war. Mobile suits were the chosen weapons and as such Tony needed to build himself one. 
The IronGundam was the mobilesuit Tony built to defend the earth colonies. It is fully armored and armed to the teeth with giant rifle, blast shield, laser swords, and of course the ultimate weapon: the omnibeam.

Entry #57
By: Joonce

Iron Battle Mecha

The Iron Battle Mecha was designed when a mission brought Tony Stark to Tokyo. He was assaulted by some crazy Japanese Mecha
and thought, "Man, I needa get me one of those!" so he built the Iron Battle Mecha
The size of a small office building, the Iron Battle Mecha is a formidable foe. It has the usual powers of flight and butt-kicking you have come to expect from any of Tony's suits.

This armor is perfect to battle it out with some giant Japanese Mecha.
Entry #58
By: graviton

Brilliant Disguise Armor

Ironman's "Brilliant Disguise" Armor. Designed to convince everyone
that the mayhem and destruction was caused by someone other than
Ironman. Because sometimes a building just gets knocked down. And
sometimes you need to blow off some steam, and smashing cars is the
way to go. Besides, is the big green guy going to care if they blame
another ruined city block on him?

No obvious weaponry other than the extra strength built into the arms
and legs of the armor. A camouflaged chest speaker amplifies Tony's
Hulk impersonation to complete the illusion -- roars of fury and
occasional shouts of "PUNY HUMAN!"

Link to Brickshelf:

Entry #59
By: -HotDogMan-

Iron Man Camo-Grass Armour

Smash! The Iron Man Camo-Grass armour bursts through the undergrowth, hiding its bulky frame with cleverly placed foliage and its terrible name with overly dramatic description.
The grass armour contains a set of limbs, along with added plant life, to give it that much needed "covered in planty things" look that we all know and tolerate. It just screams "go away, or I'll give you a lousy to mediocre thrashing!"
Comfortably housing the Tony Stark of your choice, this set of amazing armour is nigh invulnerable to anyone without a lawnmower, whipper-snipper, or, like, anything even remotely flamnable.
Besides that, it is awesome and clearly deserves a prize. Yes.

Entry #60
By: graznador

Iron Maiden
After a night of heavy drinking with Thor, Tony Stark loses a bet and is forced to embark on his most challenging and terrifying mission; infiltrate a sorority house.  With his/her Iron Maiden armor, new transfer student “Toni” Stark is specially equipped for pillow fights, chick flicks, gossip, and any other task that comes his/her way.


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