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Entry #61

Silver Saw Gladiator Armor
Tony stark made this armor when dr.doom transported him to a futuristic coliseum where the gladiators must use robotic suits of armor to fight with. Iron man only had a small pile of scrap metal to work with and came up with the silver saw gladiator armor. the only way to get back to his own world tony had to defeat every one of the other gladiators.


Entry #62
By: Tater Salad

Mega Suit

Tony Stark needed a larger mech suit for fighting Godzilla and really big monsters. Thus the Mega Suit was created. The first picture shows the flexibility of the suit. The arms are double reinforced in iron and titanium. The legs are triple reinforced with metal, iron, and titanium. The fans can blow away enemies and cool down the cockpit. The lights can also shoot out flames. The back shows the Iron Man Quick Escape Device. It can hover and also shoot flames. It is fully detachable. Now wouldn’t you think that this machine would be a real gas guzzler? Well, it’s not. The red tiles on top are solar panels. They produce power and is environmentally friendly.

Entry #63
By: Edgecrusher

Carrion Armor
Tony Stark's tenuous hold over his vices evaporated when economic collapse brought Stark Industries to its knees and plunged the world into global chaos.  In the aftermath of a nuclear apocalypse, the Carrion Armor was born out of Stark's spiraling alcoholism and deepening mania.  Cobbled out of pieces of previous armors and spare parts, the faceless armor stalks the postapocalyptic landscape, filling the void between hero and horror. As for Stark, it is said that what is left of his irradiated body lies trapped within the twisted metal of the Carrion Armor, his mind living on in the circuitry of its advanced neural net.


Entry #64
By: Alex V

Korax Armor

A very large power suit used for underground missions and
for attacking heavily fortified targets.


Entry #65


This is my mech. i think ironman would approve of THE SURBO IRON-MECH :-)

Entry #66
By: Colonel Crispus

Time Travel Armor

Tony Stark wanted to be prepared for anything, so he made these time travel suits to fit in, be armored and well armed during these time periods. The weapons are added with some help with modern technologies to boost the punch for them.

Entry #67
By: Colonel Crispus

Stealth Assault Armor

Tony Stark knew there would be times when he would have to infiltrate and eliminate without being seen. The Stealth Assualt Armor is just for those circumstances as it is equipped with more armor, a shadow
katana, camouflage material that blends in with it's surroundings and a silenced laser for those bad guys that are at a distance

Entry #68
By: Colonel Crispus

Cave Racer Suit

Fun is the thought that Tony Stark was thinking of when he built this suit. when he goes cave racing, he knows how to fly through small openings under the ground for he needs his cave racer to have handles for steering, ribbed for pleasure, orange fuel that I can't identify
and hover thingys.

Entry #69
By: Colonel Crispus

Spidey Impersonation Armor

Ironman and spider man don't have the best of relationships. So Ironman has a trick up his sleeve, the Spidey Impersonation Armor, to show the people of New York what spider man is really like.

Entry #70
By: Colonel Crispus

Exterminator Suit

When Tony Stark made the Exterminator Suit, he was thinking of long armed infiltration in enemy cities, for this suit has a flame thrower to eliminate those omnipresent pests that are in your home.

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