There are contests that showcase a builder's skill. There are contests that showcase a builder's creativity. There are even contests that showcase a builder's sense of humor. This contest is all that and a bag of chips.

and Proudly Present and Promote:

Normally when you build a contest entry, you get one shot at a prize. Not so with Dirty Bricks '06!

There are two sets of judges! Two sets of prizes! And that means double the chance to bring home some swag!

Contest Runs from August 1st - September 30th, 2006

(Winners will be selected the first week in October)

Your challenge is to build something cool out of LEGO bricks. What defines "cool" in this contest? Well take a look at the judging criteria below!

Use of dirty (naughty) concepts: 30 points

Use of dirty (unclean) bricks: 30 points

Subversiveness: 30 points Style and Panache: 30 Points
Inclusiveness: 30 points Humor: 30 points
Community Spirit: 10 points Pimposity: 10 points
Total Points Possible: 100 Total Points Possible: 100
1st Place:

Set #4856: Doc Oak's Hideout
(aka Dirty Doc Oak's Secret Sex Hideout)

Plus a naughty naked JLUG admin "Janey" sig fig.
And absolutely
NO bag of chips.

1st Place:
Set 10159: City Airport
(Source of many pollutants!)
Creased and Stained Certificate of Achievement
A Filthy Mini-Figure


2nd Place:

2nd Place:

Set # 4415, # 4417 and # 4418
Three X Pod sets
(aka X-rated Pod -
Ménage à Trois Triple pack!)


Ménage à Trois
(A *NEW* Jlug Tradition)

2nd Place:
You get NOTHING. YOU LOSE. Good DAY, sir!

(A Reasonably Clever Tradition, Filthy though it may be)
3rd Place:

Either set # 7700 or # 7701 (your choice)
Exo-Force (aka Ex-rated-O-thebigone-Force)


Plus a naughty naked JLUG admin "Janey" sig fig.

3rd Place:
Sets 4309 and 5994

and a Bag of DIRTY BRICKS

Here's what you have to do:

  1. Build something Cool, possibly while considering the judging criteria.
  2. Take photos of your creation and put them up the web somewhere.
    (Or email Chris or Janey and they'll help you get things hosted.)

  3. To Enter the JLug Side of the contest, post about your entry in the JLug POOL HALL forum
  4. To enter the Reasonably Clever side of the contest, post about your entry in the Reasonably Clever DIRTY BRICK '06 Forum
  5. Sit back and wait for the glory and prizes to roll in.
  6. Keep waiting.

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