The world is constantly being threatened by mad scientists and evil geniuses, bent on domination of planet Earth.
Our everyday livelihood is preserved only by the heroic actions of good and decent scientists and their gizmos
(and occasional ineptitude).

Will you save mankind?

Doom it?

Or just sit back and make S'mores as the world burns?

A Reasonably Clever Contest of Skill, Creativity, and...SCIENCE!

Thanks to the kind sponsorship of Mad Scientist Graviton,
building challenges await you!

[Class 1]

Good Scientist Impulse Build

(50 pieces or less)

Eccentric and absent minded like Doc Brown, or square-jawed and single- minded like Tony Stark? Perhaps saving the world by cloning famous politicians, or making gasoline from old Barry Manilow records, or inventing the first transporter... Everything is fair game, from elbow-patched professors, to time machines meant only for good, to perfectly well-intended and behaved robot guardians. Build what you'd like, but you're limited to 50 bricks or less!

[Class 2]

Evil Scientist Impulse Build

(50 pieces or less)

The greatest villain ever known, or just a tidge insane? Perhaps controlling the world with little bits of ABS plastic, or pushing apart the mid-Atlantic ridge to raise a new continent, or bombarding the Earth with ionizing theta radiation from the safety of space... .Everything is fair game, from clever new personae, to robotic killing machines, to death ray satellites. The evil, however, must be contained to a mere 50 bricks.

[Class 3]

Laboratory/Lair/Mayhem Diorama/Large Build

(Unlimited Class)

Every good scientist/villain has a theatre of operations, filled with gizmos, gadgets, inventions of mass destruction, and creations destined to save (imperil) the human race. Show us around the lab, take us out into the streets, or display the vehicle or robot that's the lynchpin of the plot to save/doom/clean the world in this unlimited building class!

[Class 4]

Real or Mainstream-Fictional Scientist Vignette

(8x8 max base size)

Any recognizable scientist is game -- Newton, Einstein, Mr. Spock. Maybe Caroline Herschel catches your fancy? Perhaps you've always been impressed by Victor Hess? Maybe your literary heroes start with Dr. Frankenstein and end with Beaker? Show some love for your favorite scientist in the established vignette format!

(Edited to add: The key here is "recognizable", gang. Yes, any character from your imagation is fictional, but we're looking for folks with mainstream credibility. Like in the examples above.)

General Rules and How To Enter:

The Judges:
Three Scientists await your entries.

The author of the MicroBricks/VignetteBricks blogs - a force for good and information in the LEGO community. And a Chemist. Did we mention that? Yes, an actual scientist. That means he actually knows what acrylonitrile butadiene styrene is and can explain the polymerization process.

Computers are evil, and Chris is a Computer Scientist. (That's what his degree says, anyway.)
Okay, it's a stretch, but think of all the hours and hours that he's caused folks at work to waste by creating this site! He's cost the world over ONE MILLION DOLLARS in productivity. I'm quite sure of it. That's PURE EVIL. 

Shane is really a professor of physics at Utah State University. His area of research expertise is gravitational astrophysics and black holes. He still can't believe he convinced someone to pay him to think about black holes every day (neither can his parents).
He's also sponsoring this contest and paying for the prizes. That's just Insane. He's mad. MAD I TELL YOU!

Scoring and Prizes:



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