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Entry #1
By: Polywen


Its design is inspired from the ubiquitous farm tractor, the Red TRCTR is the preferred Bovine Piloted Cave Racer.  Probably because it's familiar form factor make any cow feel at home on the range.  It may not be the sexiest racer, but it can plow an acre in no time flat.  Bovine Pilot is yoked to racer by a  harness.  An improvement from its previous iteration.


Entry #2
By:Adam Boyce

S.P Walker caveracer

Piloted by sgt. hoof and black trooper the S.P.C can transform from Caveracer to walker in a blink of an eye!

Entry #3
By: itchybreath

Rose Pista

Although Rosie is a bird of paradise, her racer reflects her obsession
with castle memorabilia.

Flickr account:

Entry #4
By: Chaotic Good

Frog Speeder

Built when, after the classic example of Scotch,
it was realized that even frogs need methods of transport. Originally
a hover-car, Egghead the frog adapted it for racing by fitting
boosters and a large engine, hidden deep within the bonnet. (For some
reason, so cunningly hidden that even our detailed instruments have
not been able to find it). When he realized he couldn't sit in a
seat, Egghead mounted his frog-scale seat on the back of the racer,
giving him plenty of fresh air yet increasing the chance of his death
by wall, water or simply extreme cold tenfold.

Since building his first one, however, Egghead found it impossible to
make it turn corners, and built a smaller, more maneuverable racer,
named: The Frog Speeder. He named it this because of its shape, which
appeared to be a large tongue, be that a very ugly one.


More Photos:

Entry #5
By: Ebil

Rat Racer v.224

In the neo-peasant future, gentically mutated mice prove to be a much greater problem to villagers than normal ones, because as you can see, they are actually more technologically advanced.

To see more cool stuff go to http://wwww.geocities.com/yadinandyanay or my photostream

Other pics of this racer: http://www.flickr.com/photos/26681807@N06/2599001662/in/photostream/.

OTHER LEGO STUFF: Ebil's Photostream

Entry #6
By: Gilgamesh1988

Penguin Racer!

Link to bigger pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/27943635@N06/

Entry #7
By: James Clark

Horsey Flier

Entry #8
By: Nathan Proudlove

Rat Attack

More pics here.


Entry #9
Lord Pappadhum

Dipteriform Yummer

"A man will crawl on the sheer face of love like a fly on a wall" (U2).
Sir Spider, Suzie Sandpaper's favorite pet Arachnid, hangs for dear life at the back of his small but complete fly-shaped racer. While quite fast, the Dipteriform Yummer has a tendency to stop at random trash-bins around town, making loud, slurping noises. Hence the decorative base.

More photos:

Entry #10
By: Ebil

Monkey Racer v.1307


Also, You can see in my photostream that I did follow all of the rules, the two 1x1 trans-orange studs are included, as are the sloped 1x1 tiles.

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