Pigs on the Wing: Class Two Entry Grid

Entry #1

Mickey Mouse in "Cave Racer Crazy" Mickey builds his own cave racer and takes Minnie for a wild ride. Based on the original Mickey Mouse cartoon "Plane Crazy," in which Mickey builds his own plane and takes Minnie for a wild ride. You can watch the cartoon here and read more about it here, here, and here.

In the cartoon, Mickey makes ample use of non-traditional parts lying around to create his plane. In that spirit, I created the cave racer using mostly parts from the set Mickey and Minnie came from, Minnie's Birthday Party.

More photos at

Entry #2
By: Polywen

Hunny B 1000

Description: When Winnie the Pooh hears that the Hundred Acre Catacombs are in fact a giant beehive, he creates the Hunny B 1000 to get to the honey. It's Pooh Bear nirvana!



Entry #3
By: Ean H.

Crocodile Rock

Additional photos

Entry #4
By: BecTodd


It's hard for a Cow to get sponsorship in the Cave Racer world. Poor "Big Mac" has had to turn to the golden arches to get any help at all.

Brickshelf Galery holds more photos.

Entry #5
By: Chrispockster

The Iron Orca

Utilizes an old baby Duplo orca. A young pilot with a lot of potential looking to make his way in the Arctic Glacial Cave Racing Circuit.

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