Pimp My Mech: Contest Entry #18: Pimped 7708

Faithfulness to Original Model
(50 Points)
(30 Points)
(20 Points)
Total Points
Comments from the Judges

Bec76:Made me laugh; Obviously thought about how the mech should work in reality

Moominmuppet: Just not enough done with it.

Aiela: Maybe it's just me, but the entries that are just bulked up aren't doing much for me

Chris: I would have given bonus points for the cat. Perhaps it's best I wasn't a judge.

By: -Mike Petrucelli aka Lord Insanity

Here is the front preserving the same sensor profile (which will result in a nasty surprise to the enemy) and already pimped out orange color theme of the original Uplink. The Uplink Mk2 now as shoulder mounted pulse cannons in addition to the shell launcher and missiles. This gives the mech close range combat ability instead of just a long range support roll. Note that the pilot is now wearing a heavy powered armor suit, as well as being more securely seated with better controls, for close combat situations against all threats but especially giant feline beasts.

Here is the back showing the enhanced sensor and jamming package. Also visible are the armored fuel tanks on the legs for the newly installed jump jets.

Here are the jump jets installed on the under side of the feet. Also note the armored kick plates installed to reinforce the feet for jump landings. The undercarriage of the shoulder armor also reveals the independent reactors for each of the pulse cannons.

The shell launcher has received an important combat upgrade. The bottom launcher has been replaced with a shell magazine. While the Mk2 can not perform a "double shot" like the original it now has 7 shells instead of just 2. And of course the pilot decided to open his armored combat visor just enough that you can see his great big smile. -Mike Petrucelli aka Lord Insanity


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