Pimp My Mech: Contest Entry #2

Faithfulness to Original Model
(50 Points)
(30 Points)
(20 Points)
Total Points
Comments from the Judges

Chris: Another entry that was created BEFORE there was a contest. The little yellow "fist" still cracks me up.

Aiela: The anime head was a nice touch. Makes it look much more like a mech suit. This mech looks like a bad-ass I wouldn't want to mess with. The rocker launcher on the back is cool. I liked the arm changes. This mech seemed more to have a theme, very anime-mech styled and makes me want to go watch a DVD. I like it.

Moominmuppet: Same frustration -- didn't take it very far

Bec76: Nice attitude and good pose

Entry by: Gnomatron

I didn't have a lot of fancy orange bits lying around, so mostly I just bulked it out a bit, and changed the left arm. I'm not totally happy with the arm, but at least it has some sort of hand. I always like mechs to have at least one "proper" hand.

the orange bit on the left arm there is actually a gun of some sort, made from a couple of lightsaber sticks and 2 sets of binoculars, it's just at a bit of an odd angle there.


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