Pimp My Mech: Contest Entry #29: Model 7708-NPN "Rhodose Striker"

Faithfulness to Original Model
(50 Points)
(30 Points)
(20 Points)
Total Points
Comments from the Judges

Bec76: Fantastic theme; well-executed; doesn't resemble base enough, I wouldn't have recognized it

Aiela: seemed to be more worried about color changing than pimping

Builder's name: Phillip Thorne
Location: Pennsylvania, USA
Build time: 75 minutes

Structural enhancements over the base 7708 are the hands, canopy (wind burn's a killer during alpine combat), four headlights, hip articulation, and the back-mounted triple pennant.  The weapons loadout is almost unchanged, except for the added third barrel on the right arm.  Oh, and I replaced those wimpy, pansy control levers with a macho, airplane-style yoke.

Joint modifications include: Locking down the vertical shoulder swivel, because the arms are too heavy now for a simple Technic pin.  The hands can open and close, but not pronate -- there's no wrist articulation.  The legs have four degrees of motion: ankles, knees, and the hips can both kick and (new!) swing outward (abduct).

The canopy is Alpha Team, and was the inspiration for this red/white color scheme, evoking the Japanese flag.  (The inhabitants of Sentai Mountain have absolutely nothing to do with Nippon, noooo, not at all.)  That, and the white hockey helmets I had -- before the canopy brainstorm, I was thinking white/black/chrome.

The hands and wing-like radiators derive from the #10127 NHL Action Set, of which I own four copies, precisely because it contained parts of unusual and promising shapes.  (And was on Shop@Home clearance.)  The white shoulder pad replacements are from the same set.  The heel flanges and the lower edge of the canopy (behind the lower headlights) are from the #8655 RX-Sprinter mini Racer.

As for the pilot... Uplink, unfortunately, wouldn't know color coordination if it arrived in the form of depleted uranium autocannon shells, and is still wearing his orange jumpsuit.


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