Holiday Mode
(25 points)
Robot / Alternate Mode
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(50 Points)
Total / Ranking
MangerBot Pumpkinetics 25 23 48

96 / 3rd

Judge Notes:
A very nice, if not quite politically correct, entry. I like how the robot mode incoprorates the horses. I just wonder if this was meant as an Autobot or as a Decepticon...

Notes from the creator:

Combining the twin holiday traditions of Christian overpromotion and Mass Commercialism, It's the MangerBot! The perfect gift for the kids that dually works as a Cheesy christmas lights addition beforehand! Comes complete with foam horses (Creator's note: Yeah, I know Horses are anachronistic, but Lego don't make Camels yet), plastic torches/jet engines, large weaponry and an awful Midi player!

Be the envy of your neighbours! And if their display is somehow better, Blow it up with the new MangerBot! Only from Blammo, makers of LOG.

(Any words of disapproval on the nature of my entry can be sent to pumpkinetics@gmail.com)

To see Mangerbot Transform, Click Here. (1.2 Meg GIF image)


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