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Gyrator Jonathan Skinner 25 20 50

95 / 4th (Tie)

Judge Notes:
Another quality entry! The Robot mode is a bit lacking, but the holdiay mode is really top-notch.

Notes from the creator:

Here’s my submission for your Holiday Transformer-theme contest. Included are attachments for a few (out of the 70+ I took….) pictures of Gyrator. 

Gyrator (pronounce – “Ji rah tor”) is one of the best reconnaissance Autobots. Just as the Jewish teachers used the dreidel to hide their studying of the Torah from the Greeks over 2,000 years ago, Gyrator uses his simple design as a toy to go anywhere unnoticed. Even though his main locomotion is by whirling around, Gyrator has a pair of claws with vice-grip strength that allow him to climb any surface to get to a prime surveillance location. Gyrator has no projectile-weapons, but when spun with his arms extended, he can wreak havoc. 

I opted for something simple (dreidel) rather than something more difficult (Hannukiah) because of the small amount of LEGOs I own. Gyrator is built of around 60 pieces of LEGO. Since I was going for the simple, I tried to put in as much detail as possible. I didn’t do too well on the symbols that are on a dreidel, but they serve their purpose. ;) I just found your website about a week ago. Gyrator took about one night to generally get built, then a few more hours to finalize the details.

Thanks for the fun contest.

Jonathan Skinner

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You are being watched!
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