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Entry #1
By: Peppermint

Tusken Raiders are so woode!

While walking the deserts of Tatooine Jar Jat was invited to a Tusken Raider camp... Things went downhill from there and the Death of Star Wars had a long awaited chore to perform. The sound of a million voices shouting "Yes!" echoed across the galaxy.

More Photos : MOCPages

Chris: Jar-B-Q!


Entry #2
By: Lt. de Martinet


Jar jar, dressed as Darth Maul, takes the wrong route to the costume party.

More Photos : Flickr

TK-1420: Well-built and presented vignette; captures this category very well

Stephen J. Sansweet: Clever, fun, beautifully, um, executed! ;)

3rd Place, Class Four Rankings

Entry #3
By: George Fox

"Mesa SO sorry! "

Dessing up as a Sandperson was already enough, but then to make fun of Vader's choice of Apples for a treat, call him a "Momma's Boy", and demand to speak to his wife? Bad call, Jar Jar. Bad call.

Turn the dial on the back of the vignette to re-enact Vader's swing and Jar Jar's final moments again and again. Fun for the whole family!

Gallery: Brickshelf

TK-1420: LOL at the story. Action features are a bonus!


Entry #4
By: Polywen

Order 67

Everyone knows about Emperor Palpatine's treacherous Order 66 which called for the killing of the Jedi. Few know about his lesser known but far more beneficial Order 67, in which he orders the immediate execution of the most annoying member of the Galactic Senate. Et tu Commander Cody?

Gallery: Flickr

TK-1420: Excellent use of snakes for bloody guts! Bravo!

Stephen J. Sansweet: More gross than spooky, but it works.

Mary: This gets my vote because I think it should have really happened.

2nd Place, Class Four Rankings


Entry #5
By: Joe Kerr

Jar jar's short-lived visit to earth

Jar jar visits earth and finds himself running away from a boulder with Indiana Jones. Then, he trips.

Gallery: Blog

TK-1420: Indy got enough attention this year.


Entry #6
By: Legoholic

Jar Jar and the Rancor

Jar Jar, who was serving as a spy for the rebels, has unintentionally revealed Luke's plot to spring Han from Jabba the Hutt. Despite his deperate pleading, a very pleased Jabba has thrown him into the pit of the murderous rancor monster, hoping to whet the rancor's appetite for jedi soon to come. Jar Jar is hysterically trying to outrun or outwit the rancor-but knowing Jar Jar, we all can see how this is going to turn out.

TK-1420: nice rancor paw in this one!

Chris: Very creepy.


Entry #7
By: Kaczor

Jar-Jar's accident at jar factory

Jar factory is a very dangerous place for Gungans.

Gallery: Brickshelf

TK-1420: one of my favorites in build and concept!!!

Chris: Best use of the fern-base piece ever.

Mary: "I guess that's your friend in the wood chipper, then?"

4th Place, Class Four Rankings

Entry #8
By: takua-777

the holiday

'nuff said.

TK-1420: chuckle- LOLbinks


Entry #9
By: BecTodd

Messa call for a Vote of No Confidenceeeeeeeeee

Trying to set things right, Jar Jar calls for a vote of No Confidence on the Emperor. The Emperor replies with a gentle force push.

Bigger View: Brickshelf

TK-1420: I like both the senate pod and Jar-Jar in a suit.


Entry #10
By: rknum

The Rack

Not hearing the answers they wanted, the Storm Troopers were forced to “Get Medieval” on Jar-Jar…

Link to additional photos: Flickr


Stephen J. Sansweet: Now who who do that to a defenseless Gungan? ;)


5th place, Class Four Rankings

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