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Thanks to the kind sponsorship of TK-1420, Four building challenges await you!

[Class 1]

Spooky Vehicle

A Pumpkin-Star, Luke's Slimespeeder, Death Vader's DIE fighter...use your imagination and update an existing Star Wars conveyance with a Halloween Theme!

[Class 2]

Spooky Scene

The Ghosts at the end of Return of the Jedi weren't scary in the least. You'll need to do much better with your redesign of any Star Wars scene with a Spooky Flair. Unrestricted scale.

[Class 3]

Spooky Impulse

The creation is up to you - but you've only got 50 parts to build with. (Parts counted in the same manner that LEGO does. If in doubt, go to a store, look at any LEGO box with the parts inventoried. You'll get the idea pretty quick.)

[Class 4]

The Final Moments of Jar-Jar Binks

Limited in theme to the final moments of Jar Jar, and limited in size to an 8x8 base plate (with up to two studs overhang from the diorama). Unlimited in potential.

General Rules and How To Enter:

  • Discussion of rules can be found in these blog posts.
  • One entry per person per category (Four models maximum per builder, one in each class. However, each builder can only win ONE prize package. See details below.)
  • Contest runs from October 1st , 2008 until November 2nd, 2008. To handle international time zones, entries will be accepted until 7:06am (that's 6:66am for all you horror fans) on November 3rd. (Eastern Standard Time)
  • Entries must be emailed to Chris Doyle at
  • Entry emails must contain the following items.
    • Name (or Alias) to display as builder
    • A single 400x400 pixel (or smaller) photo for use in the entry grid - it should show the full model. Remember, this is the first and possibly ONLY impression the judges will have of your model. If it's a crap photo, odds are they won't be overly interested in your text or links. I recommend a plain white background and, most importantly keep your model IN FOCUS.
    • A name for your model
    • Description of your model (optional)
    • Link to additional photos (for example a Brickshelf Folder or Flikr account, also optional but recommended)
  • International entries are welcome.
  • In the case of a single builder winning multiple categories, he or she will have pick of the prizes won, then the remaining prizes will be distributed to the second place finishers. The Special Awards are exempt from this rule; a builder can win a single category prize as well as any number of Special Awards.
  • Models published on-line prior to October 1, 2008 are ineligible for this contest.
  • Virtual Models are allowed.
  • CUSTOM PARTS and NON-LEGO pieces ARE NOT ALLOWED in this contest. Use only official LEGO parts. This means no Brickforge, Brickarms, MEGABloks, custom stickers, etc. (And be careful with those virtual models that you use only LEGO-issued brick/color combos.)
  • Dirty, filthy bricks will most likely fit well with this building theme - don't be afraid to break out the reserves.

The Judges:
As in all things, the FORCE will be the judge. Since we can't find a working email for THE FORCE, we've had to go with the following folks:

THE DARK SIDE: TK-1420 & Steve Sansweet

TK-1420 first saw “A New Hope” at the tender age of three at a drive-in movie theater and has been hooked on Star Wars ever since. After fulfilling his life-long goal of owning a set of Stormtrooper armor, TK-1420 joined the 501st Legion in 2002 and is currently serving the Empire as Commanding Officer of the Star Garrison. 

Stephen J. Sansweet is the Director of Content Management and Head of Fan Relations at Lucasfilm and the owner of the world's largest private collection of Star Wars memorabilia. Sansweet is also the author of 12 books, 10 of them about Star Wars.

(Bio and photo lifted from linked Wikipedia article)

THE LIGHT SIDE: Mary Franklin

Mary Franklin is the Events Manager for Lucasfilm Ltd. where she coordinates various marketing and promotional events for the company, such as Star Wars Celebration II, Celebration III, Celebration IV, the yearly E3 Expo, and San Diego Comic-Con International.

Mary Franklin is also the current editor of Bantha Tracks in the Star Wars Insider magazine.

(Bio and photo lifted from linked Wookieepedia article)

THE FAR SIDE: Chris Doyle

You really don't want to know.


Scoring and Prizes:

  • Each model will be ranked on three criteria:
    • SPOOKY: 30 points
    • STAR-WARZY: 30 points
    • STYLE: 30 points
  • Each model will be evaluated by all four judges. Scores will be averaged, and the top placer in each category will win the prize pack described below.
  • Jedi Awards - The Judges will each pick their favorite model of the competition.
    • Lightside:The model that Mary likes best will receive a troop-building 7201 Final Dual
    • Darkside: The model that Steve Sansweet dubs to be “Most Sith-y” will receive ....something! (To be announced!)
    • Imperial:The model that TK-1420 likes the best will receive some cool 501st swag.
    • Farside: The model that Chris likes the most will receive LEGO set 4916: Mini-Animals



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